OmegaLec is an Australian-owned business engaged in the design, manufacture and marketing of quality power conversion products that can be customized according to the customers needs. The various options provided by OmegaLec include high current, high voltage, UPS systems, panel mounting, variable laboratory types and many more.

OmegaLec Transformer


  • Single - and Three Phase Isolation Transformer
  • Neutral Reactor
  • Constant Voltage Transformer
  • Single - and Three Phase Variable Transformer
OmegaLec Switchmode Power Supply

Power Supplies

  • Variable Laboratory Power Supply
  • Switching Power Supply 25 ~ 150W & 240 ~ 1500W
  • Industrial DIN Rail Switching Power Supply
  • Three Phase Switchmode Power Supply
OmegaLec Battery Charger

Battery Charger

  • General purpose Battery Charger
  • System Management Battery Charger
OmegaLec Converter


  • DC - DC Converter
  • Voltage/Phase/Frequency Programmable Converter
OmegaLec Neutral Resistors

Other Products

  • Electric Sounders
  • Neutral Earthing Resistors (100%)

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