Netec, the only Australian manufacturer of a full range of Earth & Neutral Links, is capable of manufacturing brass components for all industries and
specialises in fast, high turnover of any design required to meet the needs of the customer.

Netec AN100S-635-B

Covered Links

  • 100Amp Links
  • 140Amp "T" Link
  • 165Amp Heavy Duty Link
  • 350Amp Heavy Duty Link
  • 100Amp Meter Link

 Netec NE250F-P

Netec NB32A

Earth/Neutral Bars

  • 165Amp Earth/Neutral Bars
  • 165Amp Earth/Neutral Bars Stud only (NST)
  • 165Amp Earth/Neutral Bars Joiner (NE)
  • 90Amp Earth/Neutral Bars (NE22)
  • 140Amp Earth/Neutral Bars (NE53)
  • 250Amp Earth/Neutral Bars (NE250)
  • 300Amp Earth/Neutral Bars (NE62) Feet included
  • Earth/Neutral Bars RCD Adaptors
  • Main Neutral/Earth Adaptors
Netec BLT Group


  • Insulating Feet
  • Screws
  • DIN Rail Aluminium 2m Lengths
  • Split Bolt Clamps
 Netec SM Group

Bus Bar Insulators

  • Hexagonal Brass Threaded Inserts
Netec Bus Combs

Bus Combs 2mm Copper, 100Amp rated

  • Single- and Three Phase Insulated

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