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Almost 50 years of continual research and development have produced a range of Maréchal decontactors which offers the industry ever improving levels of product innovation and performance. Whatever the field of activity, the know-how and experience of Maréchal Licensees reacts to critical requirements of big multinationals as well as to the specific needs of small and medium sized companies.

  • The Marechal Decontactors are built to international, Australian & New Zealand Standards
  • A Marechal Decontactor system is Socket, Plug & Load Break Switch in one compact set
  • Marechal Decontactor Socket Outlets are with "Dead Front" - i.e. "live" parts are not visible/ cannot be touched
  • Marechal Decontactor systems are keyed so only same keyed Plugs will mate with same keyed Decontactor Socket Outlets
  • Marechal Contact Pin Tips are made from 85% pure Silver & 15% Nickel to give superior conductivity & resist arcing
  • Marechal Decontactor Contact Pins are built with Split Tunnel Terminals to be unaffected of thermal cycling, shock & vibration
  • Marechal Decontactor systems also offer 2,4 or 6 Auxiliary Contact Pins for 'Electrical Interlocking' & transfer of Auxiliary signals

DSN1 20A inletDSN1 20A

DSN1 Decontactor 20A
DSN3 inletDSN3 DSN3 Decontactor 32A
DSN6 InletDSN6 DSN6 Decontactor 63A
DS1 InletDS1 DS1 Decontactor 30A
 DS3 InletDS3 DS3 Decontactor 50A
DS6DS6 DS6 Decontactor 90A
DS9DS9 DS9 Decontactor 150A
DS2Ds2 inlet DS2 Decontactor 250A
 DS4DS4 DS4 Decontactor 250-400A

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