Western Automation & Control Pty Ltd is part of the Automation & Control group of companies and was formed in July 2008. Operating from office and warehouse facilities in Bathurst it allows our group to fully service the entire regional area of NSW.

Biggest assets of Western Automation & Control are our experienced and qualified employees as well as partnerships with leading global suppliers. As we are constantly striving to satisfy our customers with outstanding technical solutions and exceptional service our staff is provided with continuous information & training on the newest developments on the electrical sector to strengthen their ability to assist customers every step of the way.

Being a reliable supply partner for major industries including wholesalers, mining, manufacturing, water treatment, infrastructure, oil and gas and food and beverage for many years we know that flexibility as well as short delivery times can be crucial for a successful production process. With our excellent range of high quality products at competitive prices we ensure that our customers are returned best value for their investment and obtain products that meet their needs perfectly.

Electrical & Electroninc Equipment for Industry