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Bramco Electronics Group have designed, manufactured, and supported innovative electronic control, protection, monitoring, and safety products since 1945. They service energy distribution; electric power systems (including switchgear); short-haulage and long distance conveyor control; industrial communications; and tailored, engineered electronic solutions. Bramco products are suited to all environments including the extremes, focused towards mining (eg. Coal, Copper, Gold, Manganese) and general industry when monitoring, protection and safety services are paramount. Bramco products also help maximise the efficiency and cost effectiveness of your operation. Their highly innovative range of simple relay units, through to complex suites of electronics, are designed with your needs in mind.

Power Distributions & Motor Protection Systems

Power Distribution & Motor Protection Systems

Bramco's highly advanced package offers control and protection for powered outlets, controlling machines and electrical installations.

Individual Electronics Protection Relays

Individual Electronic Protection Relays

Highly proven, Bramco's electronic relays are compact and cost effective. Used mainly where intrinsic safety is required they offer numerous standard features in either microprocessor or hardware based configurations.

Conveyor Control & Management Systems

Conveyor Control & Management Systems

Bramco have installed analogue or digital control and management systems to over 150 monitored locations. The ICMS Systems are unique in flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Safety Systems

Safety Systems

Bramco are continuously researching ways to help mines increase the efficiency of their operation, minimise the cost of production, the costs of maintenance, the cost of upgrades and most importantly maximise the safety of their people.

Bramco B3 Product Series

Next Generation b3 Products

Bramco is continually researching, designing and manufacturing new products as well as introducing upgrades to our existing range. 100% Australian owned, Bramco’s products are in operation throughout the world. They are ideally suited to the extreme environments evident throughout the mining industry.

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